Mashape Galileo Java Agent Build Status

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The agent is a custom servlet filter which intercepts the request and response and sends it to Galileo Collector server asynchronously to generate analytics information. It needs a web container to run, to send data from a app running in Java SE environment please use our stand alone proxy or use one of our data collection APIs.


  • javax.servlet-api-3.0.1
  • jeromq-0.3.4
  • gson-1.2.17
  • log4j-1.2.17
  • guava-14.0.1

Testing Dependencies

  • jmockit-1.7
  • junit-4.12
  • unirest-java-1.4.5
  • Jetty

see pom.xml for dependencies


With Maven


Without Maven


Filter has been tested on tomcat and should work with Jetty, Jboss and other servers supporting http servlet api. To use the filter you would need to add Analytics filter to web descriptor and set few VM arguments in the server.

Add following arguments to the server

Property Value Default Min Max
galileo.service_token Galileo Access Token - - -
galileo.use_https Send Analytics data over HTTPS false false true
galileo.connection_count Minimum number of connections to Collector 40 1 1024
galileo.workers_count Maximum number working thread sending data to Collector 2 * # of processor 1 any positive number
galileo.connection_timeout Timeout in seconds before aborting the current connection 30 0 60
galileo.batch_size Total ALF count in batch before flushing 1000 1 any positive number
galileo.retry_count Number of retries in case of failures 0 0 10
galileo.enabled Set to true to enable analytics false false true
galileo.environment Galileo Environment Slug "" - -
galileo.log_bodies Capture & send the full bodies of request & response, valid values (all, none, request, response) none none all
galileo.batch_size_mb Total size in MB of ALF batch when data would be flushed 500 1 depends on plan
galileo.body_size_mb Max size in MB allowed per request/response raw body 10 1 depends on plan
galileo.log_status Set to true to log connection status false false true
galileo.log_status_interval Time interval in seconds between connection status log 300 1 any positive number

Update web.xml:

    <!-- optional -->
    <!-- optional -->

Copyright Mashape Inc, 2015.

Licensed under the MIT License